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Healing Sessions
A healing session is appropriate when a person feels that he/she needs to heal something physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual, whether the problem is chronic or acute. Christine generally recommends that clients have 1-3 sessions during a seven to fourteen day period. Each session takes a little under an hour, including paperwork, table time, and debriefing. To learn more about the healing that Christine offers, please, click here

111™ and 222 Activations
The 111 and 222 Activations are appropriate for the client who wants to shift into living a more conscious, more authentic life. These transformational processes are designed to help a person evolve quickly, as well as to help the client integrate both personal and planetary changes with greater ease. The session with the practitioner lasts for a total of thirty minutes, with the client often reporting that the session experience continues to last much longer. These activations can be facilitated both in-person and via distance. To learn more about the 111 Activation, please click here. To learn more about the 222 Activation, please click here.

The Reconnection
The Reconnection is appropriate for the client who wants to reconnect to his/her soul’s purpose, and journey down his/her life path in a more conscious manner. It takes place in two sessions, preferably spaced about a day apart. Each session takes approximately an hour, including paperwork, table time, and debriefing. Although not required, we recommend at least one healing session prior to having The Reconnection. To learn more about The Reconnection, click here.

Distance Healing
The power of healing transcends our perceived limitations of space. Distance healing can be done with or without the recipient’s knowledge of the healing session.

Practitioner Training & Mentoring
Christine offers 111 Activation training seminars so that individuals can learn to facilitate this transformational process for others. She also continues to support Reconnective Healing Practitioners in their practices through mentoring, both one-on-one and in groups.

Authenticity Rising™ Workshops
Christine offers a transformational workshop called “Authenticity Rising” which she co-teaches with Sabrina Fritts. This one-day seminar provides a simple, eight-step process to help a person embrace true empowerment. To learn more about this workshop and these tools for living an authentic life, visit www.AuthenticityRising.com.

Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover) are accepted.

Currently, Christine’s primary focus is on teaching and communicating about her work. Despite her busy schedule, she continues to offer a limited number of sessions in her private practice. As the Director of Stellar Reflections, Christine also oversees several extremely qualified practitioners at the center whom she has personally trained and highly recommends; these practitioners are also available for sessions. Please contact her office for further information or to schedule a session.


"I'm truly elated by my unexpectedly great results.” –T.H., Issaquah, WA