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Energy Work for Vibrant Wellness! - by Peggy Snow

The term “energy work” is used a lot these days and many wonder what it is all about. It is based on the fact that we are all made of energy, even those parts of ourselves that we would consider to be “solid.” Scientists have proven that there is subtle energy surrounding and permeating us all the time, and the movement of that vibrational energy determines our state of health and wellbeing. Working in the field surrounding the body can have a great effect on the energy that we are made of, and consequently can profoundly affect all aspects of our well being, allowing us to thrive.

Our Stresses in Life can Create Blocks in the Flow

How we perceive our life experiences affects the way the energy flows in and around our body. If we experience trauma, or anything we find stressful for that matter, it affects our energy field and slows down the flow. Eventually and with repetition, sluggish flow can result in a blockage, which can result in physical and emotional symptoms. Ultimately, illness is likely if there is no resolution.

Conversely, when we are feeling really good, doing something that is of meaning to us, there is a free flow of energy. These are the moments when we lose track of time, creative ideas flow and we are really in the moment. This experience of opening to the flow of life force energy not only makes us feel good, but opens the door for our system to find balance.

The Body’s Wisdom

Our systems seek homeostasis, or balance. Science has demonstrated this. When there is movement of energy, balance naturally follows. And our bodies will heal themselves once balance is restored. This is nature’s brilliance at work!

You can see that how we feel during our experiences affects our energetic flow, and the flow enables our system’s self- healing mechanism. It’s important to seek out those experiences that really make us feel good, for our optimum health and wellbeing. There are other ways as well to invite movement and balance.

Tapping into the Flow

So, how do we get this movement going? There are many ways to do this. Interestingly most of these involve unhooking your mind from the equation and learning to listen to the language of the body where the deepest wisdom is stored. One way, which can be very effective, is to work with an energy practitioner. For the practitioner to facilitate your session they will ask you to lie down fully clothed on a massage table and close your eyes.

In many cases the practitioner won’t be touching you, but rather working within the subtle energetic field surrounding you. They introduce a vibration, which is matched by your system and encourages balance. People have experienced healing from conditions such as Crohn’s disease, depression, cancer, pain, restricted range of motion etc. through energy work sessions. You might just discover an expanded notion of who you are in the process!

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