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Jump Start Your Joy! - by Peggy Snow

It’s that time of year when we tend to look back over the previous year and decide what changes we want to make in our lives to realign our habits with the goals we want to achieve. So often resolutions, while well intended, begin with enthusiasm, only to sputter out and become forgotten a short time later. What is missing in order to become successful at making the changes we desire? The missing ingredient is the feeling of joy.

What is joy? It’s being fully alive, inspired, and whole-heartedly engaged in the moment, without reference to past or future. You might think of it as a personal barometer defining your unique engagement with life. The things that make you feel that connection also contain information about your path. What is it that makes your heart sing, fills you with passion, and gives you a genuine feeling of delight? While it may seem as though it has little to do with reaching your goals, joy is really the scaffolding that supports all the rest and the compass to guide you there.

Somehow, a lot of us have lost our sense of joy. Through our many responsibilities there is great pressure to “know” and be in control, and not much room remains in our lives to explore and discover. Elements of wonder, curiosity and passion are important aspects of experience that can lead to rediscovering the feeling of joy. To find your own joy, pay attention to all those things that really make you feel alive and happy. Notice the little things, and the things that don’t necessarily cost money. Are there activities you loved as a child that gave you that elated, engaged feeling? Don’t worry if you have lost track of this part of yourself altogether. This exercise will start to remind you of who you are on the deepest level.

As you become aware of the things that make you feel good, begin to bring some of those elements into your life every day. It might be a walk in nature, a bath by candlelight, music, or whatever moves you. Notice too the things that intrigue you even if you don’t yet know much about them. When you start to add these aspects to your life it sends a very strong message to yourself of your value, and expands your perspective on what life is all about. As you gain experience and confidence, you start living from the center of who you came here to be. The goals you can achieve from that starting point are developed naturally and organically because you are living in alignment.

If you are inspired to explore and expand further, consider meeting with an energy practitioner. An energetic session can have a profound effect on how you experience life. That perspective shift and greater energetic flow can open you up to experience authentic joy. What a great way to start the new year!

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