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Authenticity Rising: Coming Home - by Christine Upchurch, M.S.

I have been a healer and a teacher of healing for the better part of a decade. As I have developed and expanded within this role, I have witnessed many changes on the planet, changes that have affected both individuals as well as the world at-large. The year 2011 seemed to be a year of illumination, a year when stark truth appeared in various forms; this occurred within both the microcosm of self as well as within the macrocosm of society. It also seemed to be a year when many were forced to let go of things, including careers, homes, governments, personal relationships, familiar ways of life, and even perceptions of self.

As we simultaneously gain greater clarity while letting go into the void of uncertainty, we have an opportunity for magnificent co-creation. Contemplating what’s in store for us in 2012, I wonder this: How is each of us being called to participate in the shift?

I believe that at this time on our planet we are being called to connect with the divine in a new way. Coming to source – or rather fully inviting source into our daily lives – is a matter of being true to our spirit as it expresses itself through our human form. As Gary Zukav says, “Authenticity is the alignment of your personality with your soul.” So how do we become authentic?

To step into authenticity, you must first learn to identify your authentic voice. While this may sound quite simple, it can be difficult to recognize this voice because our minds are often cluttered by the voices of others: our parents and siblings, our peers, our spouses, partners, and children, our bosses and work colleagues, our religion (or former religion), and the media. In other words, our minds have become so programmed by others that it can be confusing to recognize our own voice. So listen carefully to the inner dialogue, and decipher which voice is truly yours.

Once you have acknowledged your authentic voice, the next step is to interpret what it is telling you. For instance, if a friend asks you to go to the movies and your inner voice is communicating that you really don’t want to go, you need to explore why. Is it because you are tired and you need some quiet self-care? Is it simply because there are currently no movies in theaters that you feel would be uplifting? Is it because you are no longer comfortable spending time with that person because something about that relationship is draining? Or is it because you would rather have a long, enjoyable dinner with that person because you really need that one-on-one conversational connection to process something that is going on in your life? Each of these reasons is telling you something very different about your inner needs and desires. That self-reflection to interpret your authentic voice’s message is an essential step in determining how to move forward authentically.

To honor your authentic voice, you need to choose a plan of action or outcome based on that message. Initially it is imperative to detach emotionally, and make a choice based on the information alone without thinking about the ramifications of the choice. In this example, let’s say that you know that your friend really wants to see a movie that has a storyline that you feel is too depressing, and you have been choosing to only expose yourself to entertainment that feels inspiring. So the logical choice is to not go to the movie.

Next, to be authentic you must honor that information and align vibrationally to it. In this example, perhaps this friend is the one who usually takes the lead within your relationship, someone you value deeply whom you don’t want to upset. However to be truly authentic, not only will you need to decline the invitation, you must also explain to your friend why you are saying no, regardless of the consequences. Honoring your authentic voice includes choosing what is best for yourself, feeling good about your choice, speaking your truth, and taking action to follow through. In the above example, this could lead to two possibilities: either a deepening of your friendship, or shifting the relationship in a way that could lead to a rift or ultimately even end the relationship. But to be authentic, you must be brave enough to walk through your fears of the possible outcomes.

There are many ways to address your fear. But whatever approach you take, it can be helpful to tap into your support system for assistance, such as a positive friend, family member, or therapist. I recommend that you also engage your energetic support system. You can do this in many ways, including through meditation, using oracle cards, seeking guidance from a professional such as a healer or intuitive, asking for help from your guides, or simply by tuning in and connecting to the supportive frequencies in the quantum field which surrounds you.

Stepping into authenticity is about consciously assessing information – from within, from beyond – that resonates with your true self, and then expressing that information in your human form. By becoming authentic, you are coming home to your “connected” self, allowing yourself to show up in your full magnificence. This leads to experiencing greater joy, ease, expansion, and abundance. And if enough of us across the planet do this, imagine what an incredible shift we could create!

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