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The Letter to Santa - by Christine Upchurch, M.S.

When I was five years old, I learned my first important lesson about manifestation.  It happened during the holidays, and was related to a heartfelt wish that I had sent in a letter to Santa.

By the time I was five, I had learned enough rudimentary skills to be able to write a few simple words.  So that Christmas season I decided to write a letter to Santa on my own, without the help of my parents.  In this crudely written and probably barely legible note was a request for a special gift that I truly wanted.  After taking a lot of time and effort to write this letter, I sealed it in an envelope, without showing the letter to my parents.  My father helped me by addressing the envelope to “Santa at the North Pole,” and then he put it on the fireplace mantle near a stack of other letters to be mailed.

I noticed that my letter to Santa sat on the mantle for a couple of days, and I became concerned.  If it wasn’t mailed soon, then Santa might not receive the letter in time to know what to bring me on Christmas Eve.  So I took it upon myself to take this letter down from the mantle, place a stamp on it, and put it into the mailbox with other outgoing mail.  With the Christmas wish now on its way to the North Pole, I felt quite certain that Santa would receive my message in time so that he could bring me my gift for Christmas.

Although I felt relieved that the letter was now in the United States Postal system, relief was the opposite of what my parents were experiencing.  I learned later that they were rather panicked, trying desperately to find out what my Christmas wish was.  Whenever they asked what I had requested in the letter, I refused to tell them.  As this was a special Christmas wish, I chose to keep it a secret between Santa and me.  Besides, why did my parents need to know?  They would find out about the gift in due time, as Santa would soon be on his way.  I knew that Santa would bring me my request. 

Three days before Christmas, my gift arrived!  As I was playing outside, an unfamiliar yet adorable orange and white tabby kitten approached me.  She ran directly toward me with purpose, as though she knew that I was to be her final destination.  Knowing deep down that she was the answer to my Christmas wish, my heart opened and filled with love as I picked her up to cuddle with her.  Here was my Christmas kitten, the present that I had wanted from Santa!  I took her into my house, and I explained to my parents that this kitten was my special Christmas gift, and that somehow Santa had brought her a little early.

Looking back, I now realize that my parents must have had mixed emotions about the arrival of this kitten.  First, I think that they were relieved that they finally knew what I really wanted for Christmas, and on one level were happy that my wish had manifested.  But on another level, I think that they were deeply concerned with the circumstances of this kitten’s arrival.  They were worried that she might belong to another family and need to be returned, which of course would greatly disappoint their daughter whose heart was set on keeping this kitten.

While I spent the day connecting with this kitten, my parents made phone calls and asked around the neighborhood to find out if anyone was missing a kitten.  After much inquiry, they found that this kitten belonged to a family that lived about a block and a half away.  This stray cat would have to be returned to her rightful owners.

That evening, my parents told me the terrible news:  I couldn’t keep this kitten.  I was crushed!  How could Santa hear my wish, bring her to me, and then take her away?  I had already opened my heart to this furry soul mate.  So where was the fairness in having her taken away from me?   I remember crying myself to sleep after the neighbor retrieved the cat.  I felt like my heart had been ripped out and taken away with my precious kitten.  It was truly a dark night of the soul for me.

I recall that my parents mentioned the possibility that Santa might bring me another cat for Christmas.  But my heart knew that another kitten wouldn’t make me happy.  I had already fallen in love with this particular kitten, and there could be no substitute.  I vaguely remember observing the pain in my parents’ faces as they tried to figure out how to heal my broken heart.  But I knew that there was nothing that they could do.  After all, this was between Santa and me.

In the midst of my grieving the loss of this kitten, circumstances took a surprising turn.  Two days after returning the kitten, the owners called my parents and asked if our family would be willing to take her back.  Apparently these neighbors had a newborn baby, and for some reason they were concerned that the kitten could hurt the baby.  They decided that they needed to give the kitten away.

So on Christmas Eve, I was reunited with my Christmas kitten!  Santa had come through for me, and my heart was filled with joy.  It was probably one of the most memorable Christmases for me as a child.   I had this cat for many years; she was my companion into my teenage years until she passed on.  I feel very blessed to have received such a wonderful gift.

This story is a perfect example of the process of conscious co-creation.  I had a heartfelt desire for a kitten to love, and as clearly as possible I stated this desire to the Universe.  Then I let go of control, totally trusting that what I desired would manifest at the proper time.  When the kitten appeared, I felt gratitude for the gift.  And yes, there were obstacles along the way—when it seemed that she was being taken away from me forever, I felt heartache and great inner turmoil.  Yet on some level I still had faith.  Eventually my desire manifested perfectly, and in a way that made me far more grateful for the kitten than I ever would have been had she not been temporarily taken away from me.

If you would like to manifest something wonderful in your life, then follow the lead of the five-year-old within you.  First, identify a desire that is genuinely connected to your heart.   Clearly state what you want, visualize it with excitement, and feel gratitude knowing that it will come true.  From there, simply let go, remain patient, and allow your desire to manifest in its proper form and timing.  Then the “gift” will appear.  It may manifest through inner guidance and personal action; from a loving family member or friend; through angels miraculously guiding it into your life; or perhaps even from a jolly, old, white-bearded man who flies in a sleigh on Christmas Eve…

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