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Moving beyond Intention to Reconnection-
by Christine Upchurch, M.S.

Many have awakened to the power of intention, the “secret” to manifesting their desires. There are books, websites, and DVDs that are devoted entirely to the subject. Many people around the world now understand, at least on a rudimentary level, that they have the power to co-create their reality. What many are not aware of is that there is something more that can both enhance the process of co-creation and provide gifts that extend well beyond intention. It is called Reconnective Healing.

Years ago when I was a young, physically fit vegetarian, I faced the early stages of lymphoma. Without medical treatment I healed myself of this cancer. I co-created my way to wellness by using intention – visualization and affirmations – while clearing out emotional issues that were obstacles to healing and also following my inner guidance along the way. This process required a lot of research, time, effort, and focus over the course of the two years it took for my symptoms to resolve. My path to wellness was an illuminating journey that taught me a great deal about both the power of intention and the nature of healing.

Although my original career was in statistics, ever since healing from cancer I developed a passion for learning more about healing, which led me to explore energy healing. This journey eventually led me to learn Reconnective Healing.
Reconnective Healing is a type of healing that works on all levels. It originated with a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Eric Pearl when, in 1993 after a strange series of events, suddenly his patients could feel his hands before he touched them, and patients began healing from conditions such as cancer, AIDS-related illnesses, and fibromyalgia. Eventually Dr. Pearl recognized that you can share these healing frequencies and teach others to do this work so that they, too, can facilitate healings. It is so simple to learn, by the end of a weekend seminar participants have all the tools they need to become master healers in their own right.

World-renowned scientists have shown in various ways that Reconnective Healing is new, very real, and different from energy healing. The philosophy and approach to facilitating healings also happens to differ dramatically from energy healing techniques. For instance when a practitioner facilitates a healing session, he/she neither directs the healing frequencies nor has any specific intent for the client. Instead, the practitioner lets go of attachment to a particular outcome, and trusts that the wisdom of the universe will choose the appropriate healing for that client.

When using conscious intent to manifest, belief is essential to co-creating the desired outcome. But interestingly, with Reconnective Healing a client does not need to believe in the work to receive a healing. When I first began doing this work many years ago, the first significant physical healing that I facilitated was on a man who was dragged in by his wife for what he considered to be “woo woo” work. He didn’t believe that the sessions could affect his advanced illness, yet he received the relief that he so desperately wanted anyway.

Watching the power of the universe at work when letting go of attachment to outcome has taught me an important lesson for manifesting more effectively: When you work to co-create, eventually let go of intention and allow things to unfold, because that is often when what manifests is most magnificent.

During a session, is it important for the client to hold an intention? Well actually, no. The universe already knows the details of that person’s life, and knows why he/she is there. If the client has too much attachment, it can actually get in the way of the healing. Reconnective Healing seems to remove obstacles to healing so that a person can come back into balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, in whatever way the universe deems appropriate.

What I find interesting to observe as a practitioner is when the universe chooses something totally unexpected for the client, something that they weren’t even intending. For instance, there are times when a person comes in hoping to relieve one problem only to be surprised to receive relief from another problem that they hadn’t even intended to “work on.”

People sometimes receive sudden shifts in circumstances that totally surprise them; a new job, meeting the love of their life, and so forth. As Dr. Pearl, author of “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself,” says, “If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of, one which the universe specifically has in mind for you.”

The Reconnective Healing frequencies can also be used to facilitate a process called The Reconnection. With this process, these healing frequencies are used to overlay a new meridian system, one which extends beyond the body connecting a person to the fullness of the universe. This process is about reconnecting people more fully to source, and connecting them with their purpose and next stage of evolution. Whenever we are connected to purpose, it fuels the co-creation process, helping us to manifest more easily. And when we are better connected to source, we tend to more readily receive divine guidance, which is an essential part of the co-creation process.

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