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Christine Upchurch has taught healing to thousands around the world. Through this experience she has connected with a variety of people, including some exceptional healers. Over the last few years as Director of Stellar Reflections, Christine has recruited a select few practitioners whom she has personally trained and mentored. She is proud to have the opportunity to offer their services through her center.

“These practitioners are not only amazing healers, but are also wonderful human beings—some of the brightest lights I have ever met!”
– Christine Upchurch, Director, Stellar Reflections

Peggy Snow

  Peggy Snow

For several years, Peggy Snow has been active in the healing arts as both an energy medicine practitioner as well as a licensed massage therapist.  Trained in multiple modalities, she trusts in the body's natural ability to heal given the right impetus, and has come to recognize that powerful shifts can occur by working with subtle vibration in the quantum field.  She approaches each session with full presence, aware of the healing power that exists when one perceives what is seeking to unfold and is available to interact in the moment. Peggy is a practitioner and also the Office Manager at Stellar Reflections, where she is passionate in her role educating others about the potential of healing and transformation available through the services and classes offered here at our center. She invites you to explore your own potential for healing and expansion.