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Many think that “healing” means merely eliminating symptoms. However Christine has a much broader perspective on the word. Healing can manifest in many ways for a person, including having physical problems resolve, becoming more emotionally centered, experiencing an improvement in relationships, gaining greater clarity, and feeling more spiritually connected. True healing always includes some level of transformation. Whatever form the healing takes, there is always one commonality—an improvement in quality of life.

Christine has performed thousands of healing sessions in her private practice, and has had the opportunity to demonstrate and teach the power of healing at presentations and seminars around the world.

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Christine has also been a subject for scientific research in several studies on healing performed by the University of Arizona in the United States and Saint-Petersburg Technical University in Russia.

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“The human experience, for many, can be a disabling one. For me it had left me with an anxiety disorder, with no solid answers for a cure and no promise of recovery. The many remedies offered to me, though well intended, left me more disabled year after year. Deteriorating physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, I had lost all hope of a fulfilling life. I felt like a prisoner of my disorder and a prisoner of pharmaceutical remedies. My wings had been clipped. I had lost the will to live…Reconnective Healing was a gift from loving yet helpless family members. I naively went for my first session with no expectations of any particular kind. Much to my surprise and awe, I left that day with the very tools I so desperately needed for my own recovery! Since then I have come to know and feel a support from the universe that I never recognized before. I am now able to draw upon myself for knowledge and strength. Today for the first time in my life a sense of purpose and promise stirs within me and continues to grow with each new day. My gratitude for this experience is overwhelming. I finally see the dawn. And it rises within me.”
-C.R., Auburn, WA